कमोडिटी बाजारः क्रूड में दबाव, क्या करें

कच्चे तेल में भारी गिरावट आई है। ब्रेंट का दाम करीब 2 फीसदी गिरकर 51 डॉलर के नीचे आ गया है, जबकि डब्ल्यूटीआई क्रूड का दाम 49 डॉलर के नीचे है। घरेलू बाजार में भी एमसीएक्स पर कच्चा तेल 1.75 फीसदी तक फिसलकर 3150 रुपये के नीचे कारोबार कर रहा है। नैचुरल गैस सपाट होकर 204 रुपये के आसपास नजर आ रहा है।

सोने और चांदी में भी गिरावट के साथ कारोबार देखने को मिल रहा है। फिलहाल एमसीएक्स पर सोना 0.15 फीसदी गिरकर 28,700 रुपये पर कारोबार कर रहा है। चांदी 0.5 फीसदी से ज्यादा टूटकर 40,000 रुपये के स्तर पर आ गई है।

बेस मेटल्स में तेज गिरावट दिख रही है। फिलहाल एमसीएक्स पर कॉपर 0.4 फीसदी गिरकर 365 रुपये के करीब आ गया है, जबकि निकेल 2.5 फीसदी की जोरदार कमजोरी के साथ 577.2 रुपये पर आ गया है। एल्युमीनियम 0.8 फीसदी टूटकर 123.25 रुपये पर आ गया है। लेड 0.9 फीसदी गिरकर 134.5 रुपये पर आ गया है। जिंक 1.9 फीसदी कमजोर होकर 166.25 रुपये पर आ गया है।मॉनसून तेजी से आगे बढ़ रहा है और इसका सबसे ज्यादा असर अनाज, दाल और तिलहन की कीमतों पर पड़ा रहा है। आज भी पूरे एग्री कमोडिटी मार्केट में चौतरफा गिरावट आई है। सोयाबीन लगातार 2700 रुपये के नीचे बना हुआ है जबकि कैस्टर का भाव 4200 रुपये के नीचे का स्तर छू चुका है।


  • चांदी एमसीएक्स (जुलाई वायदा) : खरीदें – 40000, स्टॉपलॉस – 39700 और लक्ष्य – 40800.
  • सोना एमसीएक्स (अगस्त वायदा) : खरीदें – 28900, स्टॉपलॉस – 28700 और लक्ष्य – 29160.
  • ग्वार सीड एनसीडीईएक्स (जून वायदा) : बेचें – 3440, स्टॉपलॉस – 3521 और लक्ष्य – 3340.
  • सोयाबीन एनसीडीईएक्स (जून वायदा) : बेचें – 2710, स्टॉपलॉस – 2761 और लक्ष्य – 2600.












Commodity News Update By Market Magnify

Copper has managed to corner some more gains in the trading session ending 29 May 2017. The prices have surpassed Rs 365 per kg even though the rally looks vulnerable and ended the day at Rs 368.25. It will be difficult for Copper to move past Rs 375 per kg in the coming days looking at the daily charts. On the lower side possibility of testing Rs 360 per kg is high. The prices tested a high of Rs 370.8 per kg and a low of Rs 365 per kg.

Gold prices upticked by a small margin on 29 May 2017. The prices tested a high of Rs 28919 per 10 grams, gaining 0.11%. The metal tested a high of Rs 28941 per 10 grams and a low of Rs 28832 per 10 grams. Further extension of gains can take yellow metal towards Rs 29000 per 10 grams. On the lower side Rs 28700 per 10 grams are noted supports.

Crude Oil gained by another 1.53% on Monday thanks to renewed buying interest and gains in open positions. The benchmark Crude Oil expiry contract was at Rs 3262 per barrel at the time of closing. The contract tested a high of Rs 3270 per barrel and a low of Rs 3198 per barrel. Supports for Crude Oil are at Rs 3180 and 3160 per barrel while resistance is at Rs 3320 per barrel.

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Gold firm near one-month highs as geopolitical concerns support

commoGold held steady early on Tuesday as easing Asian stock markets and geopolitical concerns helped the yellow metal hover close to one-month peaks.


* Spot gold rose 0.1 percent to $1,268.36 per ounce at 0105 GMT.

* U.S. gold futures were flat at $1,267.80 an ounce

                                Trading Ideas 

  1. Gold trading range for the day is 28782-29000.
  2. Gold traded in range in thin holiday trade, with a softer dollar and a retreat in stock markets helping the metal cling on to the previous session’s gains.
  3. Global gold demand declined by 18pc during the first quarter of 2017 to 1,034 tons, mainly due to less inflows into ETFs and slower central bank demand.
  4. The gold demand in India will remain in the range of 650-750 tonnes in 2017 even if the GST rates are fixed at a lower rate, according to WGC



सोने की चमक बढ़ी, कच्चे तेल पर दबाव

mmgoldअंतर्राष्ट्रीय बाजार में कमजोर डॉलर से सोना 1 महीने के ऊंचाई के करीब नजर आ रहा है लेकिन कच्चे तेल पर दबाव दिख रहा है।


सोना एमसीएक्स: खरीदें – 28880, स्टॉपलॉस – 28830, लक्ष्य – 29000.


कच्चा तेल एमसीएक्स (जून वायदा): बेचें – 3285, स्टॉपलॉस – 3330, लक्ष्य – 3200.


Oil prices rebound; dollar firms as sterling drops

Oil prices recovered on Friday from some of the previous day’s steep slide after investor disappointment that OPEC curbs did not go far enough, while Wall Street stocks eked out a seventh straight day of gains.

U.S. crude rose 1.82 percent to $49.79 per barrel and Brent was last at $52.15, up 1.34 % on the day. Both contracts, however, ended the week lower.U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures settled at $49.80 a barrel, gaining 90 cents or 1.8 %, after hitting an intra-day low at $48.18.

Brent futures settled up 69 cents to $52.15 a barrel, or 1.3 percent, after hitting a session low of $50.71. Brent oil futures were 2.7 % lower and WTI declined 1.1 %.Brent were down to 254,142 from Thursday’s 464,495, while WTI volumes fell to 726,467 from 1.15 million trades, which was the highest since Nov. 30 when OPEC first agreed to the cuts.


BUY CRUDE OIL JUNE ABOVE 3150 TG1-3163 TG2-3185 TG3-3210 SL 3109.

Crudeoil on MCX settled down -4.54% at 3178 dropped tracking weakness from Nymex Crude oil plunged more nearly 5 % settled at $48.90/bbl, down by 4.80% despite news that OPEC has agreed to extend its supply quota plan.

Technically market is under fresh selling and getting support at 3107 and below same could see a test of 3037 level, And resistance is now likely to be seen at 3306, a move above could see prices testing 3435.

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A report released by the Labor Department on Thursday showed a slight uptick in first-time claims for US unemployment benefits in the week ended May 20th. The report said initial jobless claims inched up to 234,000, an increase of 1,000 from the previous week’s revised level of 233,000.
                              Trading Ideas
  1. Crudeoil trading range for the day is 3037-3435.
  2. Crude oil dropped as the extension of output curbs by OPEC and other producing countries disappointed investors who had hoped for larger cuts.
  3. OPEC and some non-OPEC producers agreed to extend a pledge to cut around 1.8 million barrels per day (bpd) until the end of the first quarter of 2018.





SELL COPPER JUN BELOW 370.40 TARGET 369-367.50-364.50 WITH SL 375.50


SELL LEAD MAY BELOW 133.4 TARGET 133-132.5-131 WITH SL 135


SELL ZINC BELOW 170 TARGET 169.5-169=168 WITH SL 172


SELL GOLD JUNE BELOW 28745 TARGET 28715-28680-28610 WITH SL 28900


SELL SILVER JULY BELOW 39900 TARGET 39800-39700-39400 WITH SL 40200


Market Magnify:-Crude Oil News Update

ie-dark-days-ahead-for-crude-oil2Crudeoil trading range for the day is 3286-3392.Crude oil prices retreated slightly after inventory data while traders awaited the outcome of discussions in Vienna.Crude inventories fell 4.4mbls in the week ended May 19, while Gasoline inventories fell only 787,000 barrels.OPEC scheduled to decide whether to extend an agreement to cut world supply. Last meet OPEC had cut supplies by 1.8mbpd, not can extend same.

Trading Ideas:  

*Crudeoil trading range for the day is 3286-3392.

*Crude oil prices retreated slightly after inventory data while traders awaited the outcome of discussions in Vienna.

*Crude inventories fell 4.4mbls in the week ended May 19, while Gasoline inventories fell only 787,000 barrels.


Jeera Market News Update

SWJeera trading range for the day is 17710-18310.Jeera prices ended with losses amid lower domestic and exports demand at the spot market.Steady supply in the major spot market Unjha has kept the markets on the lower side.NCDEX accredited warehouses jeera stocks dropped by 390 tonnes to 1593 tonnes.In Unjha, a key spot market in Gujarat, jeera edged down by -138.45 Rupees to end at 18300 Rupees per 100 kg.

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