MarketMagnify’s Trading Analysis: A Life Line for Your Investment

Analysis: A Life Line  for Your Investment

10640 is the level for Nifty future which advisors and traders consider very important resistance from Mid of February. Now Nifty future is around 10640 and breakout doesn’t seem very difficult nor is any big movement expected either as we earlier say in our this week video (you haven’t seen it yet then link Visit Here , watch it out)

Every time when all expect same from market then it will never give chance to earn BIG

Still bulls are heavy in the market and every time market dips it will give traders opportunity to buy stocks and earn profit buy on dips strategy suggested 10700-10720 is next level for Nifty future

25100 are very crucial for bank nifty future and the next level would be 25450.

Market is preparing for something big but it will take time and breaking out of 10640 does’t brings any big movement in INDEX which is expected by most

May series is going to be very crucial for 2018 as it will decide market direction for next 2 months.

For now you will get an opportunity to earn big in many sectors specific stocks and steel sector is one of them.

Opportunities will come your way but you have to strike at the right time and time for entry and exit will going to be very important in next 15 days and that’s when we were going to help you.

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