Commodity Market Trend Update




GOLD $ 1328.60
SILVER $ 16.64
COPPER $ 314.75
CRUDE $ 60.82
INR 64.87

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Research and Analysis of Commodity Market

Here I give information about commodity market which is given everyone basic trading approach. New traders read it and put money in the right way with full of knowledge because some knowledge is very risky for trading.

The first commodity trading tips I can tell you is to really master your market or niche. There are hundreds of markets out there, but you really just have to master one to do very well. Some grocery stores are much friendlier to beginners than others (such as coffee or sugar), then I recommend starting in one of those “easier” markets. Discover what makes the prices go up and down, where most of these physical come from, any political or economic factors going on in those parts of the globe, etc. While most people use the news to find out “what’s going on”, you’ll be using it as you’re inside the source to decide when to trade bullion contracts

Instability of market prices has always been a major concern of the producers as well as the consumers in an agriculture dominated country. Farmers’ direct exposure to rate rise and fall, for instance, makes it too risky for many farmers to trade in or else profitable activities.

The Commodities and Futures Trading Commission developed through Indian National Congress, in 1974 to regulate futures and options markets in the United States. It is primary aim is to protect market users and the common from fraud, manipulation, and abusive practices to the sale of the thing and financial futures and options, foster open, Competitor, and financially sound futures and option markets. As this pertains to trading clubs, the registers persons that work bullion pools for profit.

A futures contract is an agreement to buy or sell bullion at a date in the future. You buy or sell through brokerage firms that transact the deal for you. We must deposit a performance bond (a small percentage of the contract value) with the brokerage firm to insure any loss you may incur on the futures contract. If the price of the contract goes opposite your place to deposit more money. You also convey a broker a commission for every contract traded.

In futures prices show the cost of delivering a commodity tips to a specific situation. Cash prices show the cost of delivering (perhaps a different quality) to a different place. These prices include shipping, carrying charges such as storage costs for grain, and marketing costs such as weight shrinkage for livestock. Basis reflects supply and demand for giving bullion in a given place along with the cost of delivering (perhaps a different quality) to a different place.